Personal Statement
Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center specializes in minimally invasive treatment of urologic conditions. Dr. Robert Pugach is a pioneer in innovative treatments for his patients' optimal urologic health. Centers of Excellence!

Dr. Pugach's medical expertise, experience,and commitment to excellence in patient care.@Personalized care and attention to each patient. Dr. Dr. Pugach, Evans Tran, PA and his staff are easy to talk to.@Specialized Centers of Excellence for No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy, prostate cancer, women's bladder control center, Male Health & Hormone Center and circumcision.@In office, minimally invasive therapies resulting in faster healing and recovery. Including cryoablation, HIFU and bladder control.@Why is Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center so unique? The answer is simple, to start with, we love what we do. Offering services that are effective and cause minimal pain, discomfort and downtime ? the definition of ?minimally invasive? ? allows us to treat our patients in ways that are unique and separates us from other urology practices. Also we spend considerably more time with our patients than other urology practices. Almost twice as much, in fact. The average urologist has 3.3 staff members in the United States. At Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center we have 7 full time staff members to assist patients. This lets us devote more time to our patients."
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Location Address City State ZipCode
410850 3801 Katella Ave., Ste. 110 Los Alamitos California 90720
410921 16843 Algonquin St Huntington Beach California 92649
410922 435 N Roxbury Dr Ste 200 Beverly Hills California 90210

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