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Customer care is the thing most patients talk about after having surgery with Dr. Hochstein. Here at Dr. Hochstein's office we try to make every patient feel comfortable with the process of having plastic surgery. We understand that this can be a very unsettling time because for most patients this will be their first and last time having plastic surgery and they can be nervous. Here at Dr. Hochstein's office we take the time to explain everything so you can feel confident that your in the very best hands.

@I cant say enough about our safety standers. Here at Dr. Hochstein's we only us a Board Certified Anesthesiologist (Dr. Livschutz) and a Registered Nurse for all after recovery care. I know most people assume this is the norm but they would be wrong. Depending on the accreditations at each doctors office these things can every greatly due to overall cost. I would suggest all patient considering surgery find out the safety standards before undergoing any type of procedure.

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