Personal Statement
A real Plastic Surgeon/ Cosmetic Surgeon-Trained, Educated and Experienced. Dr Chasby Sacks is able to combine a Sculptor's touch with a Surgeon's skill-for the mutual benefit of both.

Personal Touch. From the beginning of the consultation, through the surgery and post operatively, Dr. Sacks will be the one talking to you, operating on you and taking out every last stitch.@Comfort.Every effort is made to make you feel comfortable and secure. Little touches like the comfortable waiting room, the Consultation performed by Dr.Sacks himself, the pleasant and fully equiped operating room, the warm blanket after surgery and the personal after surgery care down to the last stitch removed by Dr. Sacks will convince you!@Experience. Dr. Sacks has been doing Cosmetic Plastic Surgery for 30 years.Thousands of patients later plus a continuing learning and Teaching pattern have honed his skills to a sharp level.@Caring. Dr.Sacks' staff, many of whom have been with Arizona Cosmetic Surgery for years are ready to take care of you with an unsurpassed level of warmth and caring. YOU are our highest priority!@Compassion. Dr. Sacks' fees are very fair and every effort is made to accommodate your needs.
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery (BOTOX®)
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411495 4202 N 32nd St Ste F Phoenix Arizona 85018

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