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Women Understand Women

Founded with their belief that women really do understand women, the Women's Institute strives to offer the best in time tested cosmetic and laser surgical options available today with the pursuit of uncompromising quality of care. Featuring an all female physician staff of ABPS Board Certified plastic surgeons, the Women's Institutes physicians are committed to determining the individual needs of women and fulfilling them with the most realistic, safest and least invasive methods possible.

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I am a diabetic, have high blood pressure, pulmonary embolism can I get a tummy tuck procedure done.

How long do results last for a Liquid Face Lift? What is the average cost, I am 32 years old.

Can you get symetry with a breast lift? My breasts are 32DD, and look pretty good in a bra but I'd love to not wear one and be even.

after 10 years, scar from breast reduction seems to be opening. Its located under breast, and just appeared. I do farm work, and am active with horse care. Could I have torn something? No pain. Any Ideas?

My father has an open wound that won't close (infection now cleared up). He is in his 80's. He tried a couple of doctors but they say they don't do surgery like that. How would I go about looking for a doctor like that?

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