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Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants)

Mentor High Profile Implants Right Implant 420cc filled to 500cc Left Implant 420cc filled to 450cc
Performed By - Dr. William L. Reno III, M.D., FACS

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If I have a raised mole removed on my bottom eyelid along the lashline, Would I be able to still grow eyelashes where the mole was removed?

I have a strawberry birthmark above my breast, how much would it cost to have this removed? And would I be left with a scar, if so, how big would it be?

I have a finger that was damaged by a MRSA infection, I had to have the rings cut off the finger. There was no break or damage to the tendon, as I can still bend it. However, due to there being a large scar and a build up of scar tissue I can not full extend it. I want to know if a scar revision/repair would help me to heal properly so that I can possibly regain full function and normalcy? Also, what price range would something like this fall into?

I had a breast augmentation done in October of 2001 and by November of 2005 I had them replaced due to them rippling underneath horribly. I am at that point where they are doing this again. They are the regular saline type implants. Do I need to have this set replaced as well? Is there something that could be wrong to where this happens to the implants?

I have pretty severe Fordyce Spots on my lips and Genital area. I am a 39 year old male and have has this since age 18. It has taken a mental and emotional toll on my ever since they showed up. I was wondering if you would recommend using the pulse dye laser on these and would it remove the spots? I look forward to hearing from you. Ron

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I've wanted to have breast augmentation surgery for years, but I allowed fear and uncertainty to hold me back. From the moment I met Dr. Reno & his staff, I knew that I was in the best possible hands. They immediately eased every concern I had, helping me to feel comfortable and confident about my decision. During my consultation, Dr. Reno and his staff spent so much time with me, answering my questions and giving me all the information I needed. Then, the day of surgery, I felt so at-ease in the pleasant, welcoming atmosphere of Dr. Reno's on-site surgical suite. The nurse was absolutely delightful, and she calmed any lingering fears I had that day. My husband went on-and-on about how wonderful the staff was to both of us while we were there; he was just blown away! To top it off, my surgery went great, and I'm beyond pleased with the results! I'm so thankful that I finally had this procedure done, and I have Dr. Reno to thank for my new-found confidence! I would recommend Dr Reno and his staff to ANYONE seeking plastic surgery! They are absolutely wonderful!
- Ashley Hill, Hattiesburg
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  • College:  University of Mississippi
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  • Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

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