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The receptionist at this office was extremely unprofessional. Not only did she set up my appointment with the incorrect first name, but she preceded to blame me for providing an incorrect first name and contact phone number, as to not accept any responsibility that she must have written it down incorrectly. When I corrected her on my first name she pulled up my file that already had, as I was a previous patient there. I proved to her that the contact number I gave was absolutely correct and had they asked for ME instead of a completely different name I would have NOT said that they had the wrong number. She chastised me on her mistakes, being "late" for the appointment when I showed up on time (she erroneously thought I was a new patient and therefore had to fill out new patient docs when I did not because no info had changed since my last visit), and then later told me that she would not let me see the doctor because we were now 10 mins delayed. To top it off she said that she just spoke to Lonmardi while I was being forced to fill out new patient paperwork and he said that I should see someone else for an eating disorder! - MY appointment was made because of depression and anxiety, NOT an eating disorder. Since I said the purpose for my visit, my insurance approval code, my name and contact number all on the phone to the receptionist when I first scheduled the appointment. I have NEVER been treated so poorly at a doctors' office, much less a person who specializes in HELPING people with severe depression and anxiety. I will tell anyone I know to never go to this office - EVER.
- Tiffany Cahill, Charlotte
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