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I had hype surgery 11 years ago at Columbia Presbyterian and I know weigh 250. Is there an addition procedure I can have done to lose 100 more pounds????

Im 67 years old and recently gained 60 pounds, I have been laid up with injuries, but on the mend. The more i try to lose (I gain) very disappointed. After trying diets etc....AT A LOSS>>>> How do I lose the weight?

Is it possible to revise a gastric sleeve into a full gastric bypass?

I had a laproscopic RNY approx 12 years ago. Last week I had an endoscope and was told I have several marginal ulcers. GI put me on 40mg of prilosec, however I shouldn't take this because I have RA and take methotrexate as well as prednisone. I have regained approx 40 lbs as well since my surgery, which I can't seem to lose even though I try. With all of that.... would I be a candidate for a revision?

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