Personal Statement

 Dallas Texas Facial Surgeon Dr. Ahmad has spent years of specialized training to perform procedures on the delicate tissues in and around the eyes.  His ultimate goal is to help you attain the look and confidence you desire while preserving vision and optimal function of the eyelids.  Besides cosmetic surgery and procedures, he also provides expertise in medical and surgical management of  disorders of the eye, eyelid, orbit and the face. He believes each patient is an individual with their own unique needs and works to develop a personalized treatment plan while helping you explore all of your options. Dr. Ahmad is committed to quality care in a compassionate setting. Dr. Ahmad has published numerous articles, and contributed chapters, and given talks at national meetings. In addition, he devotes his time to resident education by mentoring at the medical school.

Case Studies
Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Patient received Brow Ptosis and Blepharoplasty on upper lids.  Cosmetic surgery on lower lids.  After picture was taken 3 weeks after procedure.

Performed By - Dr. Syed Ahmad, M.D.

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