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Can acupuncture help with someone who has been diagnosed with major depression disorder ?

I am desperately seeking some input on immunizations. My son has opted NOT to have his 4 month old child (my grandson) immunized. Although I am outraged at this, having recently read some of the internet, I am not totally sure if this is totally out of reason. Can you advise me as to if there are any absolutely necessary immunizations that you would suggest that I could suggest to my son or is the entire immunizations no longer necessary? They reside in Arizona.

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A powerful healing combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and massage therapy strengthened my lungs and enhanced my well-being physically, mentally, and emotionally. I felt listened to, respected, and honored; this was truly a holistic experience, filled with warmth and good humor. Robert Wallace is the most caring as well as skilled practitioner I?ve been to. His work has helped me to maintain health and well-being.
- Joan Larkin, Melrose
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Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Master Science Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) Chicago School of Massage Therapy, Licensed Massage Therapist


Nancy Toncy ADTA, LCPC, GLCMA Body Based Psychotherapy


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