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Can liquid nitrogen treatment help treating my melasma, please advice.

already had one mole removed , melanoma, had another scraped, not normal and has to be removed, deep, is there such a thing as a mole doctor in the dermatologist field that does it all at once, not having to send off to lab and redo.

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Phyllis Okereke MD is one of a small number of physicians Certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and who are also Advanced Fellowship trained in Anti-Aging , Regenerative and functional Medicine. She is a Board examiner for the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Dr Phyllis Okereke is a National Scholar and completed her Medical education at the University of Nigeria as the best graduating medical student for her year. She completed her Ophthalmology residency training at Guys Hospital London and Manchester Royal Hospital and her subspecialty training in Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery at St Joseph Hospital in Houston and her subspecialty training in Vitreo-retinal diseases and Glaucoma at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston.

Dr Phyllis Okereke has practiced Medicine in four continents: North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Her experience includes clinical, research and instructional medicine.
As proud member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine believes that premature aging is a disease and should be treated as such.

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