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As Houston's premier Beauty Boutique, Mirror Mirror understands that aesthetic treatments can do more than rejuvenate the skin; they have the ability to restore the spirit.

We are dedicated to the fine art of achieving beautiful and natural appearing results for every patient.

Case Studies
Cosmetic BOTOX®

This 55 year old mother waslooking to smooth the appearance of fine lines around her eyes and in her forhead. Her followup pictures were taken two weeks after her treatment and she was very excited about looking noticibly refreshed.

Performed By - Dr. Paul Vitenas, MD

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Mrs. Lacy gave me all the details of what I had asked as she also gave me her recommendations with products and treatments in a well explanatory matter as well as professional. I feel she cares for her patients! As I have before seen many medical estheticians and didn't feel comfortable as they take money and never give results. I feel comfortable with Lacy, not even a month and I already see results!!! The Office is neat and clean and has very professional staff. Most of the staff look happy I am sure they have their own problems, but they don't show it and they still make you feel welcomed. There is always that one that doesn't, but as I mentioned most all of them are welcoming.
- L. T
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