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Your Chance to see why Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery is Houston's #1 choice for image enhancing procedures. With over 1300 reviews and over 2500 before and after photos for you to see. To find out more information about why so many patients choice Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery contact us today.

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery specializes in providing you with the cosmetic results you desire in a professional and relaxing atmosphere.

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Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants)

Breast Augmentation performed by Paul Vitenas, MD, FACS. Houston, TX. (866) 295-2735
Performed By - Dr. Paul Vitenas , M.D.

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Hello I have stretch marks on my butt and back of leg . I'm a african American and Ive tried every product in stores but nothing prescribed . What do you recommend that's prescribed or do you recommend treatment to be done .

already had one mole removed , melanoma, had another scraped, not normal and has to be removed, deep, is there such a thing as a mole doctor in the dermatologist field that does it all at once, not having to send off to lab and redo.

Can Vaginal Rejuvenation be done for vaginal atrophy and does it require anesthesia? I saw it on the Doctor's, and the woman was awake through the procedure. I have painful intercourse. I am sixty-two.

How would I know if I have labiahypertrophy of the labia majora? They don't sag or hang, but I have to hold them open during digital or oral clitoral stimulation? And I heard it's caused by high testosterone levels, would this also explain heightened pheromone levels?

Hola. Cupo precios para una tummy tuck, lipo en la espalda y cintura, y tmb fat transfers a mis pompis.

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Back in November 2008, the search was on, and It appeared all roads led to Dr. Vitenas; a magazine article, a billboard on the side of I-45, then a "Google" search, and a lot of internet research, I met the "Top Doc". I was so comfortable with my consultation, I could not wait to have a mastopexy.

At first I felt that I might be to old for breast surgery, but after discussing the procedure with Dr. Vitenas, I wanted the procedure more than ever to have "the girls" stand up again. So, here I am, almost two years later, and I could not be more pleased at the results. More confidence, with the ability to wear swim suits and some lower cut blouses really have made a difference in my attire.

I would recommend Dr. Vitenas to all of my friends & relatives! I have since gone on to have another procedure, a rhinoplasty to correct a broken nose, and am a return customer for Botox every three months. Truly, I have a great friend in Dr. Vitenas, and hope that we will continue this relationship for the rest of my time here on earth.

One last thing, I can't say enough for the knowledgeable and caring staff in the office. If ever you have a question, a call or email to them will put you at ease.
- B.T.

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Getting To Know the Doctor:

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD, FACS has been named "Houston's Top Doctor" in 2008, 2009, and 2010. While dedicating his years of experience, education, and talent to the fine art of achieving beautiful and natural looking surgical results, Dr. Vitenas has earned a reputation for exceeding all expectations.

Dr. Vitenas is a firm believer in the fact that a personalized Care Plan is necessary to optimize your aesthetic results. To craft your individualized care plan, a mutual agreement on goals and a high level of trust is imperative. By taking any and all the time necessary to explain your options and by educating you on the complete process Dr. Vitenas can help you to enhance your natural beauty.

Through his relentless pursuit of perfection, Dr. Vitenas has helped thousands of patients, not unlike yourself, to improve their overall quality of life. By emphasizing the importance of the artistic nature of Cosmetic Enhancement, Dr. Vitenas has built long standing relationships with many of his patients and continues to provide them with solutions to their Aesthetic needs. It is his hope to have the opportunity to discuss your specific wishes and goals pertaining to Cosmetic Enhancement in the near future.

Contact Us today and allow us to help you reach a new height of beautyEducation:

Tulane University School of Medicine
Tulane University School of Medicine,
Department of Biochemistry
Tulane University, Major: Biology;
Minor: Chemistry
Tulane University School of Medicine,Department of Surgery
Tulane University School of Medicine,
Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic
Surgery, William M. Swartz, M.D., Chief
Tulane University School of Medicine,
Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic
Daniel Marchac, M.D., Hospital Necker, Paris, France
Paul Tessier, M.D., Clinic Belvedere,
Paris, France
Miami Children’s and Victoria Hospital, University of Miami,
S. Anthony Wolfe, M.D.
Louisiana State Medical Center,
Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, John N. Kent, D.D.S.,
Boyd Professor and Chairman
Daniel Marchac, M.D., Hospital Necker, Paris, France
Paul Tessier, M.D., Clinic Belvedere,
Paris, France
Miami Children’s and Victoria Hospital, University of Miami,
S. Anthony Wolfe, M.D.




American Board of Plastic Surgery
Texas, Florida & Louisiana
Chief of Staff
Vice Chief of Staff
Chief of Surgery
Committee Chairman
Chairman Joint Hospital
Conference Committee
Finance Committee
Board of Directors
Board of Directors
Corporate Secretary
Assistant Clinical Professor
of Plastic Surgery
American Board of Plastic Surgery – Board Certified
American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association
Fellow American College of Surgeons
American Medical Association
Numerous State & Local Plastic Surgery & Medical Societies



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