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Dr. Omeed Memar specilizes in cosmetic surgery, and performs liposuction, fat transfer, lipo-rejuvination, face lifts, neck-lifts, brow-lifts, hair transplantation, laser surgery, laser hair removal, laser vein removal, and Mohs micrographic surgery.
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I am a 33 year old male, I took steroids when I was 22 yrs old but did not take an estrogen block at that time. Since then I have breast tissue that built up. I am embarrassed to take my shirt off. Will meds help or only surgery?

I have horrible dark circles under my eyes, I eat very well and get a decent amount of sleep. I exercise 6 times a week. I'm a 36 yr old male in great shape. Iv'e tried several different creams, cucumber treatment and such, nothing seems to work. Ive read about laser treatments and pigmentation injections? Any help would be great! Thanks Joe

How much does hair transplant cost per graft?

I have struggled pretty much my whole life with uneven, skinny eyebrows. I rarely pluck them. They seem to grow at different lenghts and are just uneven looking. I can let them grow and grow and they are just so uneven. They make me self concious. Do you think eyebrow implants would be good for me?

my hands are extremly dry, so dry that my fingers, nuckels and palms split open and bleed. I can't git rid of it. I put hand cream on them all the time, that helps a little. It's been about 2 years now and it doesn't clear up. what can I do

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This doctor removed a mole and left an ugly scar in its place. An assistant started the removal and couldn't get it so he stepped in. He was due at an offsite mtg after my apptmt that day; I believe I suffered from his focus on outside things at the expense of the immediate care he was providing. After several attempts to get some attn on my concerns from the office, I have not received ONE RESPONSE OF ANY KIND from them to try to address my concerns. It is one thing to make a mistake; it is another to not make any effort to make it right. I do not recommend this doctor. I want to add one positive comment that the staff and the doctor were very polite during my visits. I am just very disappointed in the treatment and lack of response to make the situation right.
- Mary Ann Vittitow, Chicago
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M.D./Ph.D. Program at University of Texas Medical Branch; Residency in Dermatology at the University of Illinois at Chicago
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