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How you look, reflects how you feel.

All of our doctors at the Aesthetic Center of Gainesville and Braselton have been board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Case Studies
Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants)

At the time of the consultation with Dr. Abell and the Aesthetic Center of Gainesville, this patient desired to go from a "B" cup size to a large "C" cup size. Dr. Abell performed a breast augmentation on this patient through an areolar incision so that he could lower inframammary fold. This patient received Mentor, smooth, round, high-profile, saline implants, 310 cc's filled to 375 cc's in the operating room at the Aesthetic Center of Gainesville.
Performed By - Dr. Aesthetic Center of Gainesville,

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Ask A Doctor
I have several moles on both sides of my face. Will there be permanent scars if I have them removed? How much will it cost? These moles are hereditary and not cancerous.

I am considering a Laser Specialist to do the laser skin resurfacing procedure. Any pro's or con's on this procedure and using a so called Laser Specialist ??

I am a 46 year old female. Over the past couple of years I have noticed that my right eye is slowly becoming smaller than my left eye. It is now quite noticeable. My family has now noticed and I'm panicking because I think something must be horribly wrong! It does not seem to be due to a drooping eyelid, rather the entire eye seems to have sunken back into my head. I realize that I've been unconsciously raising my right eyebrow in order to open up the eye more, but it looks strange. I know it isn't thyroid related because I take thyroid medication, I'm tested regularly, and my levels have been good and steady for years. I've been reading about possible conditions and one that stands out is something called Silent Sinus Syndrome. I know it's a rare condition, but when I look at photos and read about it, everything fits exactly. I've made an appointment with an ophthalmologist, but the wait is long and I won't be seen for three months! Whatever is going on, it seems to have worsened over the past few months. I'm afraid of how much worse it can get. Please help! What can I do?

Hi. My question is this: Should I wait to have this third surgery in a time span of 2 months? I lost both areoles along with my nipples two days after my re augmentation on April 13, 2016. I wanted nothing bigger than a D and nothing smaller than a C cup. I had D previous augmentation saline sub. Gummy bear under the muscle for this augmentation. Upon my post appointment two days after my surgery is when the plastic surgeon saw my tissue was black and blue. He told me my tissue had died and needed to be removed (nipples/areolas) A second operation to debride the area and rid from my infection was done 7 days post op. After my shock of loosing part of me, the ps said he put in 775cc/DDD. I was shocked yet again. I never asked for these huge implants. This is a board certified plastic surgeon 27 years of practice. It is now coming up on my third surgery to change the huge implants out for a C cup, and to make something of a nipple to be followed up with a tattoo for areola color.

I have had two c-sections. The last in 2007 in which I had two emergency exploratory laps within two weeks afterwards due to bleeding and sepsis which I actually died. After a month in the hospital the wound had to heal from the inside out. It is hideous, pulled, tissue from inside was left outside. It is numb and just terrible and it makes it hard for me to find clothes, underwear, etc. Not to mention the emotional aspects. In my research it would seem insurance would cover this procedure. Is this true and can the scar be repaired?

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During my whole experience, I have felt a true caring attitude both before & after the surgery. My hat's off to the nursing staff and Dr. Richwine for the awesome job and making me feel good about myself.
- B.W.
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