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Established in 1984 to meet the needs of infertile couples, Midwest Fertility Center (MFC) has grown into one of the leading providers of sophisticated reproductive health care in the Midwest.

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I am 33 and my son is 9 I had my tubal ligation after he was born and I dont know if they cut tied or burt them but I would like to get them reversed would I have a good chance of getting pregnant? I live in michigan and I have bcbs insurance..thank u cynthia lombard

I had to c-sections and my tubes were cut tied and burned I want to have another baby iam 32 is this possible.

How much money would it cost. To have a tubal ligation reversal. Done

How much does a Tubal Ligation Reversal cost and can I do a payment plan

I had female surgery 3 years agao and I had all my parts taken out and now I am having trouble with orgasms I have to use toys. do you have any suggestions for me?

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As a neonatal nurse at the University of Chicago Medical Center I have over 10 years experience caring for babies. When it came time for my wife and I to have our second IVF baby we tried another doctor who was very expensive and when the attempt failed he would give us no break on the price for a second attempt and said just keep trying. We heard about Dr. Amos Madaness, one of the pioneers of IVF. He was very caring and the cost was less than half than a younger doctor fresh out of school who had to charge a lot to pay off his student loans. We were blessed with a lovely, healthy little girl on our first try. I would highly recommend Dr. Madanes and the Midwest Fertility Center
- Thomas Frederick, Batavia
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Midwest Fertility Center contracts with a variety of local and national insurance carriers, HMO, and PPO networks. Often, our patients find they have more insurance coverage than anticipated. Please contact MFC to confirm your specific coverage. MFC also accepts most major credit cards and has extended payment plans.

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Shared Success Program

  • Our IVF Fee Reimbursement Program is another way we can enhance our services to our patients. This program enables us to share our success with our patients and by reimbursing IVF fees permitting them to continue and pursue further treatment.

    Pre Paid Packages
  • MFC offers pre paid treatment packages for Clomid, IVF, injectable cycles and various procedures that are not insurance covered.

    Family Fee Plan
  • A national financial service specifically tailored to the unique needs of fertility treatment offering low monthly payments with fixed interest rates and flexible terms.

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