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Stay Younger, Live Longer and Maintain Youthful Vitality with The Longevity Centres of America! Our two locations are in Houston Texas and now in Denver Colorado! Where we focus on Anti Aging, Weight Loss, and Stem Cell Rejuvenation, Colon Hydrotherapy(Denver Only), Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Hormone Replacement(HRT)services. We help you to Restore your Sex Drive as we address issues of fatigue, weight gain, memory loss, menopause, andropause as well as Stem Cell rejuvenation. Get a personalized healthcare assessment today!

Our mission is to help people who care to age gracefully, maintain physical, mental, sexual, and emotional health while restoring their bodies to a younger state than their actual age.

Case Studies

Vericose Veins treated with two sessions of sclerotherapy
Performed By - Dr. Longevity Centres Of America,

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My husband and I were so tired of feeling sick and tired. Life didn't seem enjoyable anymore. We went to our family doctor only to be told that fatigue, depression, loss of sex drive and weight gain is a normal part of aging. We tried it all: natural hormone pills, messy creams and shots, but to no avail. In just 2 short weeks after getting our implants, Growth Hormone Rx, IV and Hyperbaric O2 treatments, we felt a dramatic improvement: it was like going from a black & white to color TV. God bless you Dr. P for giving us our lives back!
- J.L.
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