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I had an intake with a bioidentical hormone doctor and he said that there is a one time payment of $1200. The blood tests will be most likely covered by my insurance. Is this a rip-off or am i to expect a one time payment like this from any doctor for this particular treatment?

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HGH therapy imparts great psychological, psychosocial and cardiovascular health benefits. The treatment adds greatly to the quality of life and to maintaining a healthy life style.
- Carol Ann Ryser, M.D.
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  • Anti-Aging Specialists
  • Weight Loss Specialists
  • Des Moines University - Doctorate of Osteopathy
  • U.S. Air Force - General Surgery/Aerospace Medicine Rotating Internship and Flight Surgeon
  • Mt. Sinai - Residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr. Bissoon studied Mesotherapy in Paris under renowned Mesotherapy practitioners Dr. Jacques Le Coz, Dr. Christian Chams, Dr. Albert Benouish, Dr. Maurice Drae and Dr. Elizabeth Dancey, author of "The Cellulite Solution."


Dr. Lionel Bissoon also began practicing Mesotherapy in 1999, and is internationally recognized for pioneering its acceptance and use in the United States.

Dr. Bissoon currently heads offices and physician training programs in Palm Beach, Beverly Hills and New York City.

American consultant and signatory to the diploma of the International School of Mesotherapy in Paris.

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