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I am a diabetic, have high blood pressure, pulmonary embolism can I get a tummy tuck procedure done.

after 10 years, scar from breast reduction seems to be opening. Its located under breast, and just appeared. I do farm work, and am active with horse care. Could I have torn something? No pain. Any Ideas?

I am looking to get my currently gauged earlobes put back to normal and I was hoping to get some recommendations and pricing for the procedure. Thank you

My daughter has a microdermal piercing on her back. The piercing has embedded itself under the skin and she needs it removed. I'm not sure what kind of doctor could remove it. Do I just call any surgeon?

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Plastic Surgery. 5 out of 5 - Dr. Landon Pryor I am one week out from circumferential abdominoplasty, and I cannot say enough positive comments on my experience with Dr. Pryor and his team. It is obvious that there is a true concern with my comfort and positive outcome. Dr Pryor is very respectful of his patients, as well as his team. After losing half of my body weight, he has been very helpful in determining the best approaches to deal wit the excess skin. My first procedure was a thigh lift, which really improved that area. During this procedure, the plan was to do a bit of tweaking on them as well, however, due to concerns with how my blood pressure was behaving, he wisely chose to put my welfare first. I do not believe you can find a more compassionate, honest, and respectful Dr. He does not view the patient as dollars, but has true care for our health and satisfaction. I have enjoyed my interactions with his team members, who share his same attitude toward their patients. Thanks Dr Pryor and team! Posted by: Trudi G.
- Trudi Gleasman, Belvidere
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