Personal Statement
Welcome to our Practice
  • Psychotherapists
  • 1970  Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • 1974  Masters in Nursing
  • 1989  Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner,Psychiatric/Mental Health
  • 1989  Certified by ANCC as Clinical Nurse Specialist, Adult Psychiatric/Mental Health

I have chosen not to participate in preferred provider plans. Many clients, however, are still able to get reimbursement through their insurance companies. If requested, I will give clients a statement at the end of each month. They can then submit that statement to their insurance companies and the insurance companies will reimburse them directly.

Questions to ask your insurance company:
Do you cover outpatient individual psychotherapy?
Do you cover outpatient group psychotherapy?
Do you cover Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners?
Do you cover out-of-network providers?
Is there a limit as to how many sessions you will cover in a year?

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