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Dr. Glen Walton has been a plastic surgeon with Aesthetic Center of Gainesville and Braselton, P.C. since November 1997. Dr. Walton has established himself as an excellent, highly skilled surgeon and he is highly sought after by patients in our area.

Case Studies
Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

This patient came to see Dr. Glen Walton and the Aesthetic Center of Gainesville unhappy with the appearance of her abdomen. She previously had a C-section, and she was unhappy with the loose tissue in this area, including some hooding over her umbilicus. Dr. Glen Walton performed an abdominoplasty on this patient in the state-licensed ambulatory surgery center at the Aesthetic Center of Gainesville. This patient healed very nicely after surgery, and she was very pleased with her surgical result.

Performed By - Dr. K Glen Walton, MD

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Ask A Doctor
My nose was broken twice growing up and I also have a deviated septum that I have to use a C Pap machine for sleep. I was wondering if that could be repaired and since the broken nose never was treated would maybe the deviated septum repair call for a rhinoplasty. I have sinus problems, inside nose always burning, headaches, very sensitive to smells,

I am considering a Laser Specialist to do the laser skin resurfacing procedure. Any pro's or con's on this procedure and using a so called Laser Specialist ??

I am wanting to look into fat grafting from my stomach to my butt, just wanting a ball park price. I will be paying in cash.

I had scar revision on my c section scar. It was raised and all more black in color. I have other scar from other surgeries. I had done shot to reduce them, which worked on most. I have one that did not except it. I done some reach and know you can either grind the scar down or cut it. I'm looking for some that will grind the scar and look at treating the dark coloring of my scars.

Hi. My question is this: Should I wait to have this third surgery in a time span of 2 months? I lost both areoles along with my nipples two days after my re augmentation on April 13, 2016. I wanted nothing bigger than a D and nothing smaller than a C cup. I had D previous augmentation saline sub. Gummy bear under the muscle for this augmentation. Upon my post appointment two days after my surgery is when the plastic surgeon saw my tissue was black and blue. He told me my tissue had died and needed to be removed (nipples/areolas) A second operation to debride the area and rid from my infection was done 7 days post op. After my shock of loosing part of me, the ps said he put in 775cc/DDD. I was shocked yet again. I never asked for these huge implants. This is a board certified plastic surgeon 27 years of practice. It is now coming up on my third surgery to change the huge implants out for a C cup, and to make something of a nipple to be followed up with a tattoo for areola color.

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I fully recommend Dr Walton.He changed my life.I Had a tummy tuck done and He did a great job.I look and feel so much better.He was great before during and also after.He was a friend to me not just my Doctor.He truly cared and no matter what my questions were even the smallest he treated them with care and concern.The staff was also wonderful.I will be going back for more work and He will be my only choice.
- Kimberlee buscovick, Alto
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Bachelor of Arts degree from Dartmouth College

Medical degree from Emory University Medical School

Residency at Emory University General Surgery program

Plastic Surgery Fellowship at University of Texas Southwestern Plastic Surgery Program


The American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS)

American Association for Hand Surgery



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