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John D. Gartner, Ph.D.: Psychologist and Author

Above all do no harm. That's the Hippocratic Oath, the first commandment of medical ethics since 400 B.C. Yet, I believe, most psychiatrists are harming their hypomanic patients by overprescribing mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics that make them overweight, sedated, cognitively dulled and depressed.

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how can I tell if I am bipolar. ive never been diagnosed but been told and the more I read up on it it seems about right. and its a scary situation right now. I can be in a good mood then in a split sec I am moody irritable throwing things punching things screaming yelling freaking out I catch myself very upset not careing about life itself anymore its like I black out for a sec and yes it is affecting my marriage I need help I want help before I lose it all

Good evening doctor. Lately I have found myself extremely depressed, filled with anxiety and overwhelmed as a whole. I am currently a student and with both I am finding it extremely hard to concentrate. I am coming up to a time in my schooling where I have to go out into the field and I'm afraid my anxiety and lack of concentration will greatly effect my performance. I have never been on any medication for any of these symptoms but I would like to try anything that will help me focus on my future career. What can I do? Caitlin

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Dr. Gartner's enthusiastic and insightful presentation turned on a light bulb for me. After years of trying to explain to my wife my strange, non-sensical behavior since I founded a new company, I simply presented her a copy of "The Hypomanic Edge". A few days later, she shook the book in my face and said, "Now, I ARE nuts!". Me and Christopher Columbus, who knew?
- Dave Barton
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Princeton University - Graduated Magna Cum Laude
University of Massachusetts - Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
Cornell Medical School - Post-Doctoral Training

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