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My gynecologist diagnosed me with lichens schlorosis earlier this year. He prescribed an ointment to use but I still experience daily pain, bleeding and discomfort. I'm hardly ever "well" enough for intercourse with my husband. Would vaginal rejuvenation be helpful?

Hi, My last period started on Jan 26, 2016, and I usually have a 30 days cycle. I had unprotected sex around 5 times between 2/8 - 2/15 as I have been trying to conceive with my husband. 2/15/16 I had pain on the side on both my breast, and the next few days until now I have left side abdominal mild pain (on and off) feels like cramping during period, and yesterday (it's the 26th day since my last period, my period usually comes on the 30th day, and I have very regular period), yesterday I had twice brown-red vaginal discharge when I wiped after pee, and then I got one more brown color discharged after pee yesterday, and then no more discharge, but left side abdominal mild cramping again, it has been on and off. Is there chance that I'm pregnant? I do have some pregnancy symptoms, like dizziness, nausea (no puke though), breast pain, headache, hungry between meals, and I do realize my breast are getting a little bigger. Please help, thanks.

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The experience I had with Dr. Hayes was life changing for me. I am a mother of 3 kids, divorced and I could not bare to look at myself nude much less have anyone else look at me. Which made it very difficult to date. I am a very up beat person, until it came time to talk about what lied beneath my nervousness. But after seeing Dr. Jennifer Hayes and discussing what she could do for me, the first thing I thought after leaving her office was Wow! Where has this women been? She is a miracle transformer who has been blessed with many talents. Dr. Hayes listens and knows what needs to be done, and she delivers on what she says achieve. She always took the time to make sure of my expectations and explained in detail what was going to happen in my procedure (labiaplasty). Questions were answered up front, which when you are so nervous that you want to curl up and die before discussing any further that instead you find yourself relaxed and laughing that is a huge difference. Dr. Hayes talents are AMAZING but it does not stop there, her staff is an extension of her and they all are so WONDERFUL. I have been to alot of Dr's offices but when you walk in to this office it is totally different. They make the trip to the office relaxing to the soul. And they treat you like family.
- WP
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