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Breast Augmentation (Saline Implants)

B cup wanted to be full C. 250cc round saline implants under muscle

Performed By - Dr. Hague Center for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery,

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It is possible to get multiple procedures done at the same time? I would like to have labiaplasty with reduction of vaginal hood as well vaginal tightening done at the same time. I 52 yrs. old & have had 4 children. Thank you.

I have injury to bone on right side of my face. My maxilla, zygomatic bone and area around my eye and forehead involved. Pain on this side when I talk and seems to be getting worse. Affecting symmetry of my face. Causing a great deal of discomfort and want to know if there are procedures that could help me. I will travel wherever I need to for expert help.

my dr recently put me on thyroxin. Since then the hair on my chin and lip have started growing fast. its not black hair its light in color. can laser remove this hair?

Just wondering if there was a quick painless procedure to enlarge the nipples?

How much is vaginal rejuvenation surgery and does insurance cover this any from child birth?

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My experience with The Hague Center has been nothing short of great. They took time and explained my procedure to me fully and made sure I understood everything. They also made sure I was as comfortable as possible. I look and feel better than I ever have. I also come back frequently to visit the "Medi-Spa". They treat me like a Goddess there too! Thank you for all you guys have done for me!
- Sara
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