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Maintaining & Restoring Your Youthful Appearance

Our goal is to restore your appearance with a natural look that solves your structural problems of aging. Our specialty is the neck and face, and our mission is to provide the most innovative and highest quality facial plastic surgery in Southern California and the West. Our highest priority is to help you achieve your customized goals as quickly and naturally as possible  with optimum outcome.

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Neck Lift

Performed By - Dr. Gregory Keller, MD

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how much does a hair transplant cost is there another medical way to grow back hair

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C02 Pixel " Facial treatments promise great results, but often don't deliver, especially for sensitive, large pore skin like mine. The CO2 Omnifit procedure is the exception. Joanne, Dr. Keller's RN, administers the basically painless treatment, which takes about 30 minutes. After a few days of reddened skin, my face is smooth, fresh, and dewy. Even my husband has noticed the appreciable difference! " "From the first day I walked into the Rejuvalase Medical Spa. I noticed the fresh flowers in the waiting room, a friendly smile and greeting upon arrival. Dr Keller took his time and addressed all of my questions and fears of which I had many. It?s nice not to feel rushed or unimportant by having a Dr who?s constantly looking at their watch. I know we have all had at least one of them! I assure you Dr Keller and Joanne Benda the registered nurse is all about their patients. Dr Keller is available to talk upon request. Joanne doesn?t hesitate to talk to you in person or on the phone.. I bought a Skin Rejuvenation Package that included pixels, microdermabrasions, thermage, and photo facials. When discussing my package with me I was treated as an individual, not a product. Some of the procedures have been done and the results are impressive. Joanne is very knowledgeable and hands on. She explained what to expect even as far as the ouch factor. Microdermabrasion, and photo facial no ouch. Pixels are very tolerable a little ouch. Skin is amazing afterwards. I get complements on how good my skin looks. I agree with Joanne RN, do your face, neck and d?collet? if possible. This is where the Skin Rejuvenation Package is great. Save a couple $?s Bring your hat and shades which you should be wearing anyway. Would highly recommend the Rejuvalase Medical Spa to all 20?s to 70?s. I?m somewhere in between. Rejuvalase Medical Spa is in Santa Barbara a beautiful drive up and back.
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An up-to-date clinician, Dr. Keller is a Clinical Associate Professor at UCLA.  He serves as co-director of the UCLA AAFPRS facial plastic surgery fellowship and has trained a multitude of residents and fellows in his specialty field. He also serves as a specialty editor of a major American Medical Association Journal, the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery.

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