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Highly Qualified and Caring Eye Surgeon in Detroit

Dr. Goldstein has performed refractive surgery on surgeons, nurses, and many other health care professionals, and has rapidly established a reputation as a caring physician, with the ability to manage a wide variety of eye problems.

By providing a unique combination of high tech surgical management and warm, personal patient care, he has gained the trust of patients and physicians alike. He is one of a new breed of ophthalmologists who place individual patient care above all else.

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what can be done to correct color blindness? Is there different tests that can be used if you fail the ishihara test?

I am having a problem wearing hard contacts to treat my Keratoconus. Would you recommend doing the InTACS? and what are the side effects?

I am wondering if I am a good candidate for lasik eye surgery with a medical history of psoriasis I have worn glasses and contacts for over 20 plus years.

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I am a Tennis Pro, and could not function well playing tennis, especially with my contact lenses drying out in the wind and sun. I felt that surgery was my best option. After extensive research, I found Dr. Goldstein, and decided to trust him with my eyes.

Dr G did my LASIK on both eyes, both done the same day. I could see really well, almost immediately! The next day, I drove to his office and read the entire chart without my glasses. My new vision helped me win the Women's Tennis Open in Ann Arbor in 2008!

Thanks so much, Dr. G, you are the best!!
- Yasmin Kashef, Tennis Pro

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Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. William Goldstein began his practice of general ophthalmology in 1994. In 1996 Dr. Goldstein was among the first surgeons in Michigan to perform LASIK surgery. His high success rate was quickly recognized by patients and other doctors. He is recognized as one of the premier eye surgeons in the metro-Detroit area.


Dr. Goldstein is a proud alumnus of the University of Michigan pre-medical program. He completed medical school in 1990, graduating from Wayne State University with honors.

After completing a year of internal medicine at Sinai Hospital, Dr. Goldstein completed a 3-year residency there, including a stint as Chief Resident. He is the recipient of two patient care awards, the Joseph Wahlers Award for Excellence in Patient Care, and the H. Saul Sugar Award for Education in Ophthalmology. In addition, he was recently selected as one of “America’s Top Ophthalmologists” by the Consumers’ Research Council of America.

  • BS - University of Michigan
  • MD - Wayne State University
  • Residency - Sinai Hospital
  • American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • Michigan Keratorefractive Society
  • American Medical Association


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