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At Bosley, we inform and enthuse every person who inquires about hair restoration, and we provide world-class, state-of-the-art clinical care to every patient. We make this possible by insisting upon: Sophisticated recruitment for the best physicians, world-class training, meaningful contact with our patients, state-of-the-art technology, multi-dimensional Quality Assurance Programs and the best science combined with the most advanced care.

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Hair Transplant (Restoration)

"Discovering Bosley has changed my life. Only somebody who's going through what I was going through could understand. I tried so hard to stay healthy and maintain my youth, but I couldn't prevent my hair from falling out. Bosley restored my hair with hair transplantation surgery, and now I see it getting thicker again, instead of thinner. Bosley has given me back my youth and self-confidence". Contact Bosley for more information on hair transplant surgery and hair transplant cost.
Performed By - Dr. Cary Scott Feldman, MD

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When I first started experiencing hair loss, I was in my early 20's. I tried every product from pills to lotions to shampoos. It was such a helpless feeling. Bosley Medical was able to restore my hair and help me look my real age. The doctor was able to give me back my frontal hairline, designed for a very natural appearance. I don't have to feel self conscious about my hair loss any more.
- Chris
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Prior to pursuing medicine as a profession, Dr. Cary Scott Feldman was an Art Major at Wayne State University. Consequently, he has a unique approach to hair restoration surgery. By combining his surgical skills with his artistic talents, Dr. Feldman creates distinctive hairlines that aesthetically balance form with function. "I was introduced to the specialty of hair restoration surgery in the early 1990's and was convinced that this was my calling, because it allowed me to combine my two passions: art and science," stated Dr. Feldman.

Dr. Feldman is a graduate of the esteemed Wayne State University School of Medicine and a member of the honored Phi-Beta Kappa society. After attending multiple seminars in hair transplantation surgery, Dr. Feldman sought intense training to perfect his surgical skills under the direction of some of the most highly respected hair transplant surgeons in the world. "During my training, I had an opportunity to handle every conceivable situation and developed a total comfort level in all aspects of hair transplantation," remarked Dr. Feldman. "Additionally, I enjoyed the benefits of working with an innovative, talented and committed group of surgeons. We shared our techniques and critiqued one another to suggest ways in which to improve the quality of our results." After 5 years of concentrated study, Dr. Feldman became one of less than 100 doctors in the world to be Board Certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. As part of maintaining this Certification and staying abreast of current topics in hair restoration, Dr. Feldman has acquired more than 100 hours in continuing medical education in hair restoration surgery.

Although Dr. Feldman has a distinctive education and notable training, it is his surgical philosophy that is most impressive. He believes in total patient involvement and individualized patient care. "I want my patients to enjoy a personal, quality experience. I provide my patients with the perfect hairline for hair, one hairline at a time, using the most advanced follicular unit techniques," he stressed. With more than 2,000 surgeries under his belt, Dr. Feldman understands that an excellent hair transplant procedure depends upon the hairline. "The success of any hair transplant is determined by the design of the hairline because it frames your face and is the part everyone sees. In fact, in my experience, the perfect hairline is actually imperfect! Therefore, I recreate a hairline the way nature originally intended it to be."

Bosley is happy to have Dr. Feldman on board, to share his passion and expertise.




Platinum Follicle Award

Golden Follicle Award

American Board of Cosmetic Surgery

American Board of Dermatology

American Board of Disability Analysis

American Board of Family Medicine

American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

American Board of Internal Medicine

American Board of Plastic Surgery

American Board of Surgery

American Board of Emergency Medicine

American Medical Association

American Society of Metabolic & Beriatric Surgery

American Society of General Surgeons

American Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons

American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery

American Society of Breast Surgeons

American Society of Internal Medicine

American Society of Plastic Surgeon

American College of Surgeons

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

American Association of Clinical Urology

American Academy of Dermatology

American Academy of Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society

Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada

Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Scotland

Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation

The Hair Foundation

National Alopecia Areata Foundation

North American Hair Research Society

National Board of Medical Examiners

Canadian Medical Association

Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons

Association of Military Surgeons in the United States

International College of Surgeons

Society of Critical Care Medicine

Medical Society of Virginia

California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

Michigan State Medical Society

Los Angeles Metropolitan Dermatological Society

Dermatological Society of Greater New York

Society of Philippine Surgeons in America

Reserve Officers Assocation

Society of Thoracic Surgery

Society of Laparoscopic Surgeons

Young Presidents Organization

Riverside County Medical Assocation

Southeastern Surgical Congress

Atlanta Medical Association

Georgia Surgical Society

Ingham County Medical Society

Georgia State Medical Association

Southeastern Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons

Medical Association of Georgia

Colleges of Medicine South Africa


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