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My problem is my weight! After 4 kids and at age 40 I'm 270 lbs. And can't seem to find any diet that work. It's not like I eat a lot, I do understand that here in Arkansas. Beans potatoes. Cornbread are the norm but I also bake all my meat never fried I have salads and veggys with all meals and believe it or not I'm not a junk food eater.. I do admit I drink diet coke more then I shoshould but I've tried everything from every over the counter pill to Atkins. Of coarse my Dr don't prescribe diet pills and as a mother of 4 it's not as if surgery would ever be affordable. I work from 4 am to 2 and I try my dvds. And walks but honestly I don't understand how I'm so large. When I truly don't eat a lot. Also I never have bm. I know it sounds silly but sometimes it's 6 or 7 days without bowel movement and it's not hard when I do go. In fact it's very soft and very small.. Like pinky finger small. Yes I use clearlax. Which in return I feel full so I don't eat much so I don't know if that has any thing to do with why I'm so heavy but I guess my question is what should a person in my case do to lose weight?

I had bypass surgery 7 years ago. Can I get it done again

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