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I had to c-sections and my tubes were cut tied and burned I want to have another baby iam 32 is this possible.

I Am A Lesbian Woman And I Would Like Too Know Is The IVF Procedure The Same For A Lesbian Female As It Is For A Male And Female

Can I use my husband's sprem to get pregnant and what is my chances of getting pregnant with me having a blood type of negative rn

My wife and I would like to have a child, however, she has had a hysterectomy, and is only left with one ovary. She is 42, and I`m 39. We would like to use an egg from her, and sperm from me, and we have a friend located in MD that is willing to carry the baby for us. What do we need to do to get started without having to pay a surrogacy clinic outrages amounts of money? We have no idea of where to start. The woman that is willing to carry our child for us is currently pregnant, and due in June, how long after she has the child do we have to wait to have her carry ours? Thank you..

I had tubal reversal but did not work out so well. They told me I had no distal potion of tube L. What does that mean? does that mean they repaired my other tube?

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