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Come expereince quality medical care in an elegant, professional atmosphere. Dr. Cooper was the first full time otolaryngologist in Weston and is a founding member of South Florida ENT Associates, P.A. He has served on its Board of Directors and is currently its President and Chairman of the Board.

South Florida ENT Associates is dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate, and responsible medical care and surgical treatment of disorders related to the ears, nose and throat. We are committed to improving our patient's quality of life through communication, through the use of the most sophisticated equipment and surgical techniques, and through ethical decision making. Our mission is to listen, to care and to cure.

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I have continual sinus Drainage and a cough. Lately when I cough I have a small amount of blood with the phlegm

Should I see an ear,nose and throat doctor for a hearing aid? I am 66 and have not been hearing good for some time.

Why are my ears crackling?

both my ears have a high pitch frequency noise that has been around over three years and is getting louder almost to the point of aching. nothing i have tried gets the noise factor to even diminish a little. can u advise as it is interfering with my quality of life.

From me having a stroke in my right ear, I lost my hearing as the doc said there was a lost of blood supply to this ear. Now the same thing is happening to my left ear. Is there a way to operate and get my hearing back, or even save the hearing in my left ear, from the same thing happening to it. ?, If you can please answer this question

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