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not sure if this is anxiety I take setralin have for years, my long time doctor new my mother had terrible anxiety attacks and thought with my nature I should. When I was younger I am 61 now I would occasionally have shaking fits especially at night not very often. 3 times the last 6 weeks I get up to go to the bathroom I get nauseated so I go lay down then I will get this feeling starting on my neck to my arms then to my torso if feel like electric waves and I will get cold. My stomach gets hard as a rock and bulges out. I try to lay real still and will doze off and on. Not this last time but the 2 prior times I would also shake like I did when I was in my 20's . When morning comes I will feel pretty good. The 2 common things to all 3 episodes is I forgot my sertraline for 2 days and didn't drink much water as I am very active playing golf daily. Any ideas.

Feel irritability for 3 or 4 days. Then anhedonia for several days. Seem to have depression every 5 yrs or so. I have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder recurrent. I sometimes wonder if irritability could mean I have elements of bipolar disorder. What can I do?

I'm having panic attacks and they come on all of the times I can tell when i'm just about to have an attack. I really need too see a physician that can help me. I have tried several physicians..but once they place me on a medication that seems to help control the attacks they take me off the med. I have tried several medications that haven't really helped me out with my attacks. Please Help. Thanks

What is the treatment for anxiety?

How can I resolve panic attacks with propanolol?

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