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I just recently had my lasik eye surgery done by Dr. Bonnani of Gotham Lasik in NYC and have 20/20 vision for the first time in my life! I pretty much have always been blind as a bat(excuse the expression) when it came to seeing for distance and have worn eyeglasses all my life which keep from enjoying a lot of outdoor activites. I could never get use to contacts like my wife wears. They always felt really uncomfortable in my eyes and I tried many times with every different type of contacts over the years. The freedom I feel now to do all the things I always envied watching others do is amazing. I only wished I had done in 10 years ago. Of course I don't know if the surgery was as safe as it is now, so maybe it all worked out the way it was suppose. Anyway, I would definitely recommend Dr. Bonnani for your lasik surgery he definitely did right by me.
- Larry Bloom, New Brunswick
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