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Had undereye surgery, stitches on the outside of the lower lid. Severe bags have formed. Looks terrible! What should I do?

I have had a clogging in my right ear for a number of years It seems like it is going to pop but never does . It also feels a little deeper than the outer ear . I noticed a new ear drop at the pharmacy, it 's called Similasan and I was wondering if I should try it.Do you have any advice?

i have had reoccurring throat infections within the last month. Do i need tonsils removed? I had to go to the emergency room and get steriods to decrease swelling.

For a few months now I feel that sounds are muffled in my right ear. Also, my eyes get red and the upper and lower lids and some skin under my eye is puffy and red. A Dr. Recommended lubricating eye drops along with warm compresses, this worked well but it comes back each time when I stop the compression. I don't know what is going on. Thanks, Alice

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