I had bypass surgery in Nov of 2004. It is now the end of Feb and have lost 60 pounds. Dr. Whittwell is a very capable surgeon with an excellent record of successful bypass surgeries. He stands out at Baptist Hospital as a surgeon who's patients have the least amount of complications after surgery. He is pleasant and caring, and I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for a bariatric surgeon or general surgeon.
- M. Collins, Miami
I had my suregery on Feb. 16,2004 and I have lost 110lb.
- Joanna Gonzalez, Miami
I had the Gastric Bypass on January 5, 2004 by Dr. Whittwell and have lost aprox 130 since. I had no complications and am extremely pleased with my results. I would do the surgery again if ever asked!
- Tameika Staples, Miami

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