Thanks Dr. Rivkin for willing to come on Saturday for my radiesse nose touch-up. The result is good yet very natural. I may try the permanent filler in the future.
- Stephanie Yuan, Monterey Park
I was very pleased with my Fraxel treatment. The results were amazing, even after just one treatment. I believe that it is important to perform preventive maintenance on your skin, and with your health. After all, the skin is our largest organ, and it is up to us to take care of it!! Some people said that I did not need it, but we all know our own skin, and we can see even the slightest start of the "aging process". I just find it amazing that we can maintain and correct any damage done to our skin without a surgical procedure. I did a lot of research to decide who I could trust with this type of laser treatment. I had done the IPL in the past, and was ready for a treatment that could offer more noticeable results. After a thorough evaluation of which doctor I could trust, I decided to go to the Westside Medical Spa with Dr. Rivkin. They have competitive prices, and the entire staff was amazing. I felt so comfortable, because they made me feel right at home. The front desk staff was very nice and welcoming. Natalie, the Nurse, made sure that I knew every move she was going to make during the procedure, and I noticed that the doctor was hands on with all of his patients! They even gave me a skincare kit containing full sized products to maintain my skin after my treatment (green tea cleanser, green tea w/ hyalouronic acid moisturizer and a 17% zinc oxide sunscreen). Keep up the good work! I will definitely be back for more treatments!
- Tonya Tullis, West Hollywood
I had a terrific experience with Dr. Rivkin. I had initally come in for botox but instantly felt comfortable enough with Dr. Rivkin to express my displeasure with the downward tip of my nose. Within minutes, the imperfection was corrected! I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I have since recommended Dr. Rivkin to friends who have all shared positive experiences.
- Kristen Fischer, Los Angeles
The non surgical nose job is perfect for a person like me. Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted a bridge on my nose. Because of my fear of going under the knife, I was able to get my bridge with a couple of injections in my nose. I cant wait to go back to get the more permanent procedure when my initial one expires. The Westside Medical Spa also has fantastic prices! Very affordable!
- Melissa Low, Brentwood
The staff is concerned about your overall skin health, not just about running a business. I've been a customer for two years.
- John Kim, Los Angeles
After months of contemplating, I finally got my lips injected with restylane. I am so pleased with the results. Dr. Rivkin was great at answering all my questions, and did a fantastic job at making my lips fuller, but still natural looking.
- Helena Nahari, LOS ANGELES
Dr. Rivkin did a fantastic job with my nose, lips and eyes! I highly recommend his office.
- Kara Damirir, LOS ANGELES
I love coming to this place. Everyone is really friendly and they all know me - I feel really comfortable getting my facials and laser treatments. And my acne is almost gone!
- mabel rodriguez, los angeles
amazing! i never knew there were this many non-invasive treatments available to people! he fixed my nose in 10 minutes without surgery and charged me a fraction of what i would have had to pay for a nose job! the place is clean and pleasant and his staff is really nice and very knowledgeable. i loved my experience!
- ruvin feynberg, tarzana

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