Both my wife and I had Lasik surgery last year and it was the most satisfying experience. From the moment of our initial evaluation to post Lasik follow-up visits, the staff and physicians all were great. Always enough time to answer all our questions and never in a hurry to assure us that they would be there for us. Kudos to you at Pyramid for your care to details and your outstanding professionalism. We both were very satisfied with your care.
- CM Marin, West Caldwell
I had Dr. Rubman from Pyramid. I would highly recommend this surgeon and this surgery. I am the biggest chicken with the worst eyes and the lowest tolerance for pain. There was no pain--not even afterwards. The staff is excellent. I was tested 5 days after surgery and had 20/20 vision. They even corrected my astigmatism. Now I have to donate my old glasses and give away all my leftover disposable contacts. Good luck.
- Colleen Daddino, Metuchen
I had Lasik done and and extremely happy with the results. I had very, very bad eyesight, which Pyramid was able to correct near perfect vision. Since my eyes were so bad, there may have been a chance that I would still need to wear glasses. I am happy to report that I do not! The service was extremely attentive and professional. I have had a perfect experience, no post-trauma. Everything went according to plan. I would highly recommend Pyramid Eye Institute.
- Melanie Chisholm, New York
As a life long diabetic, I knew there could be some additional risk involved in having lasik procedure. Dr. Bernstein of Pyramid Eye spent a good deal of time in explaining the lasik procedure and took care to explain the risks. He advised me that because I have focused on staying very healthy that my additional risks would be minimal. I consulted my diabetic specialist, who agreed with Dr. Bernstein's advice. I felt very comfortable in making my decision to proceed and have enjoyed better than 20/20 vision for the past 18 months!
- Robert Salinardo, Maplewood
It's been over 1 year since my procedure and I've not had any problems. It's amazing what perfect sight can do to enhance your life.
- Gigi Lui, Forest Hills
I had my lasik surgery done at Pyramid Eyes in August 2002. It was the best thing I did! Pyramid Eyes is a great establishment. The staff are warm, caring and friendly. The doctors are top notch. The price beats the price quoted by all its competitors. And now I have 20-20 vision. I would recommend Pyramid Eyes to everyone who is considering Lasik surgery.
- Sheila Oh, New York
Excellent job. The medical assistant made me feel very comfortable and the doctor did a great job.
- Alan Dickar, Maui
I jumped at the opportunity to get Lasik at Pyramid Eyes once I stopped breastfeeding my second son, since I knew it was a safe procedure and patient results of Pyramid are excellent. The surgeon and staff were great. They made me feel so comfortable, they didn't rush or make me feel nervous. I have absolute confidence in the staff and know you too will have a great lasik experience with Pyramid.
- Fanny Na-Chung, Livingston

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