I had the complete works the Mommy Makeover procedure; Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck and some Liposuction of the hips and upper bra area. I was never fat but had so much excess skin from having a beautiful baby boy a couple years back. I was so nervous and excited at the same time to undergo the procedure but everyone at the office especially Amanda made me feel so comfortable and really educated me with everything what to expect and to plan pre and post operatively. The day before the surgery I met with Dr. Hochstein to discuss the surgery details and also to sign consent forms. The office was PACKED with people but I was suprised to see how fast they got me into the exam room to meet with the Dr. Dr. Hochstein explained the procedure in full detail to me and answered every question I could even think of with such professionalism and expertise. Fast forward a couple months... I am 1 year post op and I cannot believe how FAST time flew by. My breast are now full and perky and my tummy is SO flat. To Dr. Hochstein and staff: You all are truly a blessing and you do not know how much you changed my life for the better. Thank you for all the emotional support and comfort throughout the whole recovery process.
- Beatriz Garcia, New York City
I am so happy with my results. I had a FaceLift and Breast Lift Mastopexy with implants and I could not be any happier. The staff was extremely friendly and informative and made me feel at ease during my whole surgery. I was extremely nervous in the beginning but the staff and Dr. Hochstein made me feel so comfortable after talking with them. I would highly suggest Dr. Hochstein to any patient that is interested in Plastic Surgery.
- Jacoba Aves, Chicago
I traveled all the way from France to have my procedure done by Dr. Hochstein. I did months of research and after having a phone consultation I knew that he was the right plastic surgeon for me. Jennifer spent countless hours answering all my questions and was so patient with me. It has only been 3 weeks after surgery and I am so happy with my results already. Dr Hochstein is truly amazing. I loved the RN, Juliette, she was so kind and gentle and really made my experience coming out of surgery really comforting. I highly suggest Dr. Hochstein to everyone even if you are coming from out of town!
- Aviva Sahrery, Paris
The reason why I chose Dr. Hochstein was not only because of his amazing photos and work but because his staff was also incredible. I love how Michelle his Business Manager, Dr. Hochstein and staff are always educating patients about cancer and other health related issues. My family has cancer and I think it’s wonderful that Dr. Hochstein and staff keep all their patients informed on the importance of following up with your Dr. regularly.
- Sarah Lancaster, Seattle
This Dr. knows his stuff. He's done countless playboy girls and he really is known as the breast implant expert in the Miami area. I personally didn't do my breasts with him but I did have a tummy tuck and lipo and couldn't be happier with the results. They exceeded my expectations. I felt very comfortable throughout the entire process. His price was very reasonable too. I am totally going to go back to him for future surgery if needed. If you're looking for a doctor who knows what he's doing, has a board certified anesthesiologist, and an awesome staff this is your guy. Not to mention that he is also board certified. I would rather have a doctor who knows how to work a knife which is #1 for me.
- Sarah Kenly, Chicago
I am beyond satisfied with the results of my breast augmentation. I was so nervous about the whole thing, but the staff was extremely comforting to the point I could have gone alone with just the staff and have been ok. I cannot thank you all for your expertise and professionalism that all of you posses. A special thanks to Dr. Hochstein for being the absolute perfect surgeon for me. P.S. Thanks Jennifer for your never ending support and advice
- Anne N., Boca Raton
I had a tummy tuck and Breast Augmentation by Dr. Hochstein and I was so suprised to see how wonderful my results were. I thought all of the staff were great and answered all my questions. They called me several times to check in to see how I was doing and it made me feel truly special. I will absolutely refer all my friends to him because he truly made me feel great!
- Isabella Ferriera, Chicago
I had a Tummy Tuck and a Breast Augmentation done a month ago and I am beyond happy with my results! Dr. Hochstein and staff made me feel so comfortable and I can't not tell you how great I look. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Dr. Hochstein & Staff
- Amanda Holland, Davie
I had my BA done over a year ago and cannot tell u how happy I am with my results. I went back to work 3 days later and was so amazed I was in little to no pain after the surgery! I am SOOO HAPPY AND CANNOT THANK DR. HOCHSTEIN FOR EVERYTHING HE HAS DONE TO TURN MY LIFE AROUND AND MAKE ME FEEL SO BEAUTIFUL
- Ashley Fernandez, aventura
hey are very good at anwsering your questions and giving the proper information that you need. I like the the degree of information that they provided for me and it has help me to be informed on the thing i should look for in a doctor and procedures that i'am looking for.
- marsha landry, windsor

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