Dr. Fozo and his team were outstanding. It was my first major surgery and I’ve wanted to do it my entire life, but I was extremely nervous. Dr. Fozo and his staff made me comfortable and confident in the choice I was making without any pressure. They were always kind and patient with me and made me feel at ease. Most importantly, my surgery came out better than I could have expected. I could not be happier with the decision I made!
- Tone G, Sterling Heights
Fantastic physician! Absolutely love the results.
- Andrea Zin, Saint Clair Shores
Very friendly doctor, took his time to answer my questions. My once crooked nose is now straight and I can breathe much better. very happy with my results.
- Brittney Anderson, macomb
Excellent Doctor and surgeon. Very thorough, took his time, and explained everything in good detail.
- Shane Smith, Macomb
Not knowing what proper/good breathing should be like it was something one just lives with. Well not anymore! Knowing of the great reputation of Lakeshore ENT I went to see Dr Fozo and there is no reason to look any further, simply put he is the right one for the job. From initial appointment to the post op visits his staff especially Lois made feel like their only concern was me! My results I am extremely happy with, feels great to breathe better something I should of done long time ago.
- Ronny Klinger, Sterling Heights
I started meeting surgeons since I was 19, hoping to get the hump on my nose and a bulbous tip fixed. Doctor Fozo was the 4th Doctor that I had met with throughout the years. He reassured me that he could fix my breathing and sinus problems along with getting the cosmetic procedure that I wanted done. Unlike the other doctors I met with... no one was able to tell me that they would be able improve my breathing if I underwent this surgery. I trusted Doctor Fozo and was very happy with the results. He took his time and explained exactly what needed to be done and showed me what he could do to help improve my appearance. He answered all my crazy questions and didn't make me feel rushed to make a decision. He fixed everything I wanted done along with the breathing and sinus issues I have lived with for many many years. I am breathing much better than I ever have, even during the dreadful allergy season! My breathing has improved drastically. I can't think of a better Doctor for this line of work. I am very glad that I took my time and waited till I found the right Doctor. Doctor Fozo has helped give me the confidence that I lacked while growing up. Thank you!!!
- Michelle Stojkovski (Maniaci), Clinton Twp
I am glad that I selected Dr. Fozo as my surgeon. He is an ENT surgeon focusing on facial plastic surgery, unlike most plastic surgeons and clinics offering all surgeries. The whole process was very satisfying; he earned my trust early in our communications. I will recommend Dr. Fozo to anyone who is interested in cosmetic refinement of their nose, and expecting a change that is beautiful and natural in appearance. My concern was to avoid telltale signs and scars of plastic surgery. I was looking for a surgeon who is artistic, who makes improvement to the nose without creating new concerns (overly done). Dr. Fozo has that approach. When I browsed Dr. Fozo?s work (his other cases), results were unique and the change fit in well naturally. During my consultation, Dr. Fozo accurately assessed my facial profile and provided computer generated after-surgery images, it was a plus. The actual after-surgery profile is even better. He has excellent communication skills, not a single question unanswered, so does his staff. Within couple of weeks after the surgery, once the bruising and swelling decreased, my sis sent me a note saying that the Doc?s work was million dollars perfect! I am very happy about the result, no unsightly scars. I look forward for more pleasing result once all swelling subsides. He also has a very admirable and confident personality, and exhibits great professionalism. Will recommend Dr. Fozo to anyone interested in Rhinoplasty.
- Rev Confidential, Portage
Dr. Fozo is an all-around fantastic doctor. From the consultation to the post-op, I have been completely happy with my decision to choose him as my surgeon. He didn't just think of how my nose would look immediately after the surgery, but more so how it will continue to change through the years. I'm thrilled with the natural results of my septo/rhinoplasty. I can finally breathe easily through my nose and I'm 100% more confident in my appearance. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Fozo to friends and family who are interested in any of his services.
- Adrienne Procopio, Washington
Coming into this procedure (deviated septum & crooked nose)I was very skeptical considering I had taken 2 opinions prior to Dr. Fozo's. Both opinions didn't seem realistic. But still the third opinion I came in with a postive attiude considering i had researced Dr. Fozo's work from this site. Since september of 2005 i have been exteremly happy with the results. For one I can breath very clearly. Secondly the apperance as well as my self esteem regarding the apperance of my nose has changed drastically for the good. The apperance that was once shifted to the left is now centered straight. All in all im extermely happy with the results.
- Angela Stefan, Macomb

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