After years of losing and gaining weight and then hiring personal trainers to help get rid of my lower stomach fat which they said could happen but, it cannot so don't let them fool you in telling you that. I went to Dr. Ferrari on my 52nd Birthday for a consultation because I wanted to improve my appearance and quality of life and decided it was was time for me to do something great for myself. I was referred by a coworker to Dr. Ferrari and I also did my homework on him myself and I would encourage you to do the same thing if you are considering having surgery done. I read his credintials and every article I could find on him and felt totally confidence in this doctor I was about to meet in person. His staff Jenny, Caroline, Melissa, and Donna are all great and are always there for any questions I had and still have and I thank each one of you for that and the kindness you have shown me. I will say the initial visit was embarrassing having to undress and let him access your issues but Dr. Ferrari did it in a very professional way and just told you exactly what you need to have done. He took me in his office to show me work he had done that was similar to what I needed done and the before and after pictures were just amazing. I went into this with realistic expectations knowing I would not be perfect even after the surgery but I would be much better than before. I am so happy with my results and my life has already changed for the better and I know the best is still yet to come. Dr. Ferrari did a fabulous job on me and for everything I had to have done I went back to work the next week and have had absolutely no problems at all. I would without a doubt recommend Dr. Ferrari and his staff to everyone and I do almost every day. I pray that God will continue to use his talents enhancing people lives everyday....
- Denise Anderson, Indian Land
I couldn't be happier with the results. My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner! From my first appointment to my surgery day, Dr. Ferrari has been so wonderful and made this one of the best experiences ever. I speak highly of his amazing work to all of my friends. I love everything about my new size! Thank you!
- Jillian P., Matthews
Dr. Ferrari and Staff; Thank you for the care and attention you have given me during the past few months. Not only am I thrilled with the results, but I am grateful that you took such time to listen to my desires and determine a realistic outcome. You have exceeded my expectations in all areas and I just want to let you all know how appreciative I am. Erika
- Erika S, Charlotte

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