I always get this reaction out of people when I mention to them that my breasts were done. That?s because of the great job Dr. Cooper did. They look natural and feel that way too. The best decision I ever decided was not to get breast augmentation, but to get them done by Dr. Cooper. I remember he stayed after hours just to meet with me to discuss getting the procedure done. He really tested me? he wanted to see just how much I knew about the procedure and to get me informed on the things I didn?t know. To me that showed he really cared. He was the 6th doctor I had gone to see and not one of the other doctors made me feel like Dr. Cooper did. I was basically asked what size and given a price. I would definitely recommend Dr. Cooper to every woman who?s thinking of getting breast augmentation and want to have a natural look and feel. Melissa Fitchett Procedure done Oct. 2001 (and still loving it)
- Melissa Fitchett, Houston
I got my breast implants in Jan. of 2000, when I was 18 and they still look just as fantastic as they did when I got them even after having a baby. I am now 26. When I was looking for a doctor, I must have went to at least 20 consultations with other Houston area doctors and I can honestly say that I feel Dr. Cooper was the absolute best choice on my part. He gave me the best advice and put my well being as a patient above making money. I have nothing but great things to say about him, he completely changed my life. I am in the military and have been stationed all over the world and I try to send everyone who is looking to have any kind of cosmetic surgery done to him. I personally guarantee anyone that it is well worth the trip and the quality is unbelievable.
- Elizabeth Sustaita, Houston
I had breast augmentation done about a year ago and I am Completely Satisfied with my results! Dr. Cooper is very competent and his staff is very supportive and informative. My experience with Dr. Cooper and staff was entirely enjoyable. I have already recommended him to several people. If I had known about this website sooner, I would have made a comment a long time ago. If you are nervous about breast augmentation, rest assured you are in good hands with Dr. Cooper.
- Brigette Garcia, Friendswood

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