My experience started with a phone call to Dr. Breitbart's office. His staff was extremely helpful and answered all my questions so that by the time my appt was made with Dr. Breitbart I was fully informed. When I met Dr. Breitbart I knew that I wanted him to perform my procedure. I am very hyper and excitable, he immediately smiled and let me do all the talking when he finally was able to talk :) he explained the procedure and the post effects. And looking back now I cannot believe that he was exactly right!!! I paid cash for my procedure because I knew that I wanted him, even if my medical would have covered my surgery I wanted him. I prepped and read so much about the surgery I bought ice packs, special bras, loaded up on food and magazines and was prepared to be in so much pain. The day came finally he was right on time and sat with me then he rolled me into surgery and when I woke up he was right there. I went home and was groggy from anesthia that day 3 hours after the drugs wore off I was fine and have been ever since. I am afro-american and I was worried about scars and keloids and he told me exactly when he examined my breasts, scarring will be minimal and you will be fine in about a week. And I was. I went from 32f-32d. LOVE IT AND MY DR. I am kinda sad I wont see him but I will call and just say HI!
- Helene Dye, Jamaica

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