Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants)

Here is what this woman has to say about her Sientra breast implants.  “My breasts are perfect.  They are just the right size.  They are soft and in fact it is sometimes hard to tell if I have implants in at all.  They are above the muscle and this is the best.  I work out 6 days a week and teach yoga. Other women I see in my classes and at the gym have below the muscle implants and you can really tell because their breasts flatten and move every time they flex their pectoralis muscles.  My breasts however, always look and feel very natural.”
She is 5 '25" tall and weighs 125 pounds.  She had Sientra textured gummy bear implants placed above the muscle through an infra mammary incision.  She also had 24 hour recovery breast augmentation and was back at the gym just days after her surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery

The very next day after surgery she was up and doing things.  Her back and shoulders have not bothered her at all since surgery.  She was able to wear clothing that fits her and she loves her new, smaller, perky breasts.

Breast Augmentation (Silicone Gel Implants)

This 36 year old mother of one lost a lot of breast volume with her pregnancy and she wanted to regain her pre pregnancy shape and volume.  She works out and does Yoga regularly so she chose to have gummy bear implants placed above the muscle.  

Injectable Fillers

Bellafill was used for this woman’s lower eyelid bags.  “I no longer look tired!” is what she said 3 months after her Bellafill filler injections.  She had tried all the eye bag creams.  She had researched having lower eyelid surgery as well as laser treatment but really wanted to remover her lower eyelid bags or deep tear troughs without surgery.  This non-surgical approach of using fillers for under the eye bags of lower lid blepharoptosis costs much less than surgery and the results can be even more impressive without the complications that surgery can cause.  These before and after photos show how Bellafill can achieve a great result without scars or distortion of the eye shape.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Listen to this patient discuss the benefits of her surgery in this video.

Breast Reduction Surgery Video

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most gratifying surgeries that a plastic surgeon can preform because patients are so happy.  Alex can now work out, wear the clothing that she has wanted to for a long time but felt that she could not and generally is more self-confident.  She found her breast reduction recovery to be very easy especially with the rapid recovery breast reduction that she had.

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Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants)


Victoria wanted to get her shape back after having a baby.  She works out on a regular basis and did not want her breasts to be animated the way some patient’s breast augmentations are when the implants are placed below the muscle.  She was interested in Sientra shaped breast implants because they work well over the muscle thus avoiding the animated breast augmentation as well as reducing her chances of getting capsule contracture.  She also heard about the rapid recovery breast augmentation and wanted that because she is a single parent with a small child at home.  She had Sientra 325 cc shaped Sientra implants.  These are the natural feeling gummy bear breast implants.


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Breast Lift Surgery

Wanting her breasts lifted and her stomach taken in, Michelle had a mommy make over in which she had a breast lift and a tummy tuck also known as a mastopexy and abdominoplasty.  She had both together and had a 24 hour recovery as well.  She was getting around so well that she was “picking up” around her house and outside the next day.  She had no narcotics and no drains.  She loves her perky breasts and feels much better about herself and her body.

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Breast Reduction Surgery

This woman decided that she wanted to hike and be more active but her breasts were heavy and she felt they restricted her.  She also axillary breast tissue that she did not like and wanted to get rid of.  We removed her axillary or accessory breasts and took off 800 grams of tissue from each breast or 1.75 pounds from each breast.  She is 5’ 6” tall and weighs 170 pounds.  She had a rapid recovery and was back hiking 3 days later.

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Breast Reduction Surgery

“I just hate my big breasts!”  This woman felt self-conscious about her large breasts and wanted to look lighter.  She had a rapid recovery and back to doing just about everything the next day. 

Breast Reduction Surgery

At 5’5” and 140 pounds this woman said that her chest constantly felt like she was carrying around two water melons.  At the time of her breast reduction we removed 950g from the left breast and 825g from the left breast.  Immediately after she said that her shoulders, neck and back felt immediately better.  She had a rapid recovery and was able to lift the next day, was back to the gym at day three and was back to work at day 4. 

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