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Nope, I don't do that kind of work. But hey, it's not your fault, your question got misdirected. They have nurses screening these questions, and they don't understand which topics should be directed towards which docs. Try calling your local dental society for more info on costs in your area.

I have no idea, cal your local dental society.

Probably but I am in Wilmington, Delaware and I have no idea. Sorry. Contact the local State Dental Society, maybe they can help you.

I agree with Dr. King.

Q&A: Can I have revised the orthognathic surgery done to correct my under bite?

Advancing the maxilla can have affects on the nose as you have described. Swelling still may be why you have the sensation of your uvula resting on your tongue. The maxillary advancement would have to be pretty significant to usually have this problem. Without examining you pre & post-op, it is tough to comment on that. Revisions can be done at anytime but since you are only 5 weeks post-op, I would recommend that you have alittle more patience before making that type of decision because soft tissue and bone healing after surgery can take considerably longer (6-9 months). If you still are not satisfied, get another opinion.

Try the yellow pages.

Q&A: How can I find a dentist that will anesthetize my mentally ill mother to get teeth and root extractions done?

Not sure what your question is but find an Oral Surgeon that can help you.

Q&A: Can lower jaw surgery reduce my pain, eliminate the cranking noise, and improve my air passage for speech?

The answer to all your questions is yes. I would seek an initial consultation with an orthodontist that is familiar with jaw corective surgery. Good Luck

Q&A: Is it possible to get lower jaw surgery done for a sever over bit and not have to wear braces?

Yes, but the results are not as long lasting nor as surgically correct as they can be when done with the assistance of orthodontic therapy. It is considered below the standard of care to do the jaw surgery alone without braces.

Why ask me if you already got an answer?

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