Qualities of the Most Effective Doctor Marketing Strategies

When you're ready to launchDoctor Marketing Strategy a powerful doctor marketing plan, it’s important to consider how each service or program will benefit you in the long-run. If you’re still spending your marketing dollars on traditional media such as newspaper ads and billboard advertising, you may not be getting a high return on your investment (ROI) and will never know if your advertising strategy is even working.

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  • 53% of consumers, ages 35 to 44, say that social media has an influence on their patient treatment decisions. Manhattan Research 2008
  • Almost 40% of recent hospital/urgent care patients said that Social Media influenced them. Ad-Ology Research
  • 41% of patients have read someone else’s commentary or experience about health or medical issues on an online news group website or blog.
  • 61% of American Adults Now Look Online for Medical Help*

Some of the most effective doctor marketing tools and strategies can be found online, and successful practices are working on building brand awareness, generating more leads and establishing themselves as an authority in their community. They’re building their practice with affordable online doctor marketing tools that generate consistent results.

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The most effective doctor marketing strategies are:

Patient-centric: Your doctor marketing strategies must be highly focused on the patient’s needs, wants and desires. Reach out to your ideal patient by publishing articles or blog posts that prospective patients can relate to, and maintain a website that is user-friendly and accurately showcases your skills, expertise and procedures.

Consistent: Make sure that the doctor marketing tools and campaigns you choose to implement complement each other and are executed on a consistent basis. Your goal is to market to a captive audience that will respond to your messages and campaigns. Use the same logos and marketing messages to connect with your patients and maintain a high level of interest.

Shareable: Web-savvy patients are taking the time to share information of interest on social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook and even their own blogs. Establish an online presence on these social networking websites and encourage people to share your links and posts so that referral marketing becomes an automated process.

Brand builders: Running a successful practice is like running any type of business in a competitive market. You need to do whatever it takes to promote awareness about your business and establish yourself as an authority. Branding is an important part of the doctor marketing mix, so make sure that all of your marketing collateral — online and offline — delivers the same message and is helping you build your brand.

Trackable: Many of today’s most effective online doctor marketing tools can be tracked for effectiveness. Invest your marketing dollars only on the tools and programs that provide accurate data and reports on how many visitors are coming back to your site and how many are converting into appointments. This type of information will help you gauge your return on investment and ensure that you are spending your marketing dollars wisely.

Consider all of these factors when you’re choosing between different doctor marketing tools and services. The most effective doctor marketing campaign for your practice will have most or all of the above qualities, and will help you attract more high quality patients month after month!

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*John Seely Brown and Paul Duguid, The Social Life of Information. (Harvard Business School Press: 2000).

**A new survey from Nielsen Online and WebVisible reveals that local businesses and online consumers are often failing to connect. The survey polled nearly 4,000 Internet users and business owners about their online consumer behavior and business marketing strategies. The data shows a “Great Divide” between media usage and small business advertising. The study provides valuable insight for local businesses that want to better understand online consumer behavior in order to maximize the return on their marketing spend.