Nine Essential Physician Marketing Tips

Essential Physician Marketing TipsPhysician marketing techniques and strategies have evolved beyond print advertising, billboards and classified ads to the Internet. Today’s most successful physicians are harnessing several online marketing channels to capture patients searching online for services and procedures to book a consultation.

Traditional advertising methods can generate an immediate awareness, but it comes at a high cost. Online marketing including pay-per-click advertising (PPC), writing a patient blog, Tweeting on Twitter can help you attract more patients month after month without requiring a large advertising budget to do so.

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Maximize your marketing dollars and build a successful practice with these eight essential physician marketing tips:

1. Attract more leads by using a healthcare online directory listings. Position yourself in front of hundreds, even thousands of patients looking for doctors in their area by securing a listing on a major physician directory. By using your listing can be a powerful lead generation tool that will continue to attract high-quality patients season after season for one flat rate per year. This is one of your most cost effective marketing channels to drive high-quality patient leads at a low cost and a high ROI. 

2. Maintain a custom website. Generic or outdated websites can turn prospective patients off. Invest some resources into launching and maintaining a high-quality, professional website that is tailored for your practice and provides patients with an accurate view of what you have to offer. WebsiteDock offers an easy-to-use web management applications which gives physicians total control over their own website.

3. Post patient testimonials. Patients need to know that they can trust you. Post patient testimonials or reviews on your website, blog and other pages so that prospective patients know what to expect when they contact you and get a procedure. Consider before and after photos as your visual testimonials. These are essential to growing your practice and showcasing your work.

4. Showcase pictures of your practice. Give prospective patients a chance to learn more about you by posting pictures about your practice on your website and other online platforms. Many patients who are “shopping” for services want an insider’s look at the doctor and practice during their decision-making process. 

Before and after patient photos are a must! What a better way for patients to judge your work than by before and after photos. Are your photos not showing up in Google Image search? Ask us why by calling 877-886-7731.

5. Use social media tools to your advantage. Some of the most effective physician marketing strategies include social networking tools Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN. Stay active on these sites so that you can build and participate in a community that is interested in your services and offerings. Train your staff on how to use social media to promote your practice. During slow periods, have them post before and after photos, write on a blog, comment on Facebook and tweet on twitter. Everyone in your office should be participating in building awareness for the Practice.

6. Launch a pay-per-click campaign. Put your practice website right in front of prospective clients when they do a search on the major search engines. A well-managed pay-per-click campaign (PPC) will target patients who are most interested in what you have to offer, and will drive more traffic to your website.

7. Be consistent. Use the same logos, colors, and core messages in all your marketing campaigns to build your brand. Consistency will help you communicate more effectively with current and prospective patients, and will help you build a more professional presence.

8. Keep building your e-mail list. Your client list is one of the most valuable elements of your physician marketing mix. Make sure you are always collecting prospective patient e-mail addresses and execute e-mail marketing campaigns that generate results. Everyone is at a different point in the decision cycle, even if they do not book right away, they might still be a viable patient for you 3, 6+ months from now. Keep communicating with them to ensure your Practice is top of mind when they are ready to move to the next step.

9. Following up with Patient Leads. Make sure your staff is following up with all patient leads. It has been our experience that many practices do not adequately follow up and these patients end up choosing a competing doctor whose staff followed up. Don’t let this happen to you.

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