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Q&A: What are the best options to get pregnant after a tubal reversal?

There are only 2 options for conceiving following tubal ligation.  Tubal ligation reversal is an outpatient surgical procedure.  Assuming a good length of normal tube and no other significant infertility factors, it will restore fertility back to normal.  The risks of bleeding, infection, damage to other organs and reactions to anesthesia are extremely low.  The other option is IVF which also has a high rate of success and avoids surgery.  However, it requires daily injections for 2-4 weeks, frequent office visits for monitoring with blood work and ultrasounds and nonsurgical procedures to remove the eggs and place the fertilized eggs into the uterus.  The risk with IVF are multiple pregnancy and over-stimulating the ovaries.  The cost to achieve a pregnancy is generally lower with tubal reversal than IVF but prices vary by provider. 

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