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Q&A: Would I have too much scar tissue after weight loss surgery and a tummy tuck to get pregnant?

Fortunately, the weight loss surgery is done in the upper abdomen and the tummy tuck only involves the abdominal wall; the abdominal/pelvic cavity is not entered.  Therefore, scarring in the pelvis which could compromise the ability to perform a tubal reversal, or success rates afterwards, should not be an issue.

Whenever a tubal ligation is performed it is always a question if the tubes can be put back together due to multiple factors.  The weight loss surgery but not the tummy tuck could contribute to the scar tissue near your tubes but it is unlikely.  Your uterus would not be at risk for increased scarring from any of these procedures.  If your tubes are not able to be put back together, ivf is an option.  However, the weight loss surgery can increase the risks of carrying a pregnancy so this should be discussed with your doctor.   

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