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Q&A: How would I know if my tubes were tied or cut?

Dear Jessica,
The physician who performed your tubal ligation should be able to tell you what technique was used. You can request the operative report that describes how the procedure was performed in detail. That will help your physician decide if you are a candidate for tubal reversal surgery.  You should also know that advanced reproductive techniques like in vitro fertilization can also help you conceive a pregnancy without the need for tubal reversal. I would be happy to discuss this option with you further if you are interested. Please call my office to schedule a consultation. 
Best of luck,
Dr. Ghazal

Hi Jessica,
You will know how your tubes were ligated by calling the doctor's office that did your surgery and asking for your operative report. If you cannot get that report from the doctor, then call the hospital or surgical center where the operation was performed and have them get you a copy. You will need to sign a medical release of records and provide identification to them to get the report.

The only way to know is read the previous operative report.  This will tell you with certainty how the surgery was performed.

Thank you for your interested in RCC. You would have to talk to the physician that did the procedure. He would be the fastest one to respond that question. Since he has your medical records. If not able to reach him you to get this information, you would have to get surgery for us to find out.
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