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Q&A: What is better chemical peel or laser C02?

It really depends on the patient’s skin type and the problem they are wishing to improve upon. I happen to do both chemical peels and laser treatment.

Hi Cheryl,
Both chemical and laser can give you some improvement in your skin textures and lines.  There are different kinds of chemicals with different concentrations that are designed to go to different depths of the skin.  The deeper you go the more results you will get.
A CO2 laser is the most powerful skin resurfacing technique in that it can go as deep as you could possibly want but the recovery is longer as you go deeper.
If you want the maximal results then you will want to use the laser but you will need to be ready for the after care and recovery.  Chemical peels might be a faster recovery but you will not get the results of a laser.
You will also have to consider the costs of each treatment and factor that into your decision.

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