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Q&A: Am I a candidate for breast reduction at 252lbs and 38K bra size?

Thank you for your question about breast reduction surgery. You seem to be suffering from symptomatic macromastia, a condition where the excessively large size and weight of the breasts causes neck, back and shoulder pain as well as limitations in activities.
Breast reduction surgery (or reduction mammaplasty) is a therapeutic procedure which helps reduce the size of the breasts while also lifting them to the proper position on the chest. Liposuction can be used in conjunction with the reduction to better shape the breasts and axillary region(under arms).
Good candidates are healthy, non tobacco users, of a healthy weight  who are suffering the symptoms you mentioned.  You would greatly benefit from weight loss first as your body mass index(BMI)  is dangerously high. Individuals with very high BMI are at greater risk of complications. You may consider a more strict diet and low impact exercise fro now to avoid straining your back. If these methods fail, it may be beneficial to consult a bariatric specialist to achieve  weight loss.
Once you are a healthy weight, you will be a better surgical candidate and will have a more safe and positive outcome.

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