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Q&A: How quickly can psychosis progress after stopping anti-psychotic medication?

I read your message and thank you for reaching out.  I know it is very scary to let others know what changes you have made and how you are thinking and feeling.  My advice is to let your doctor know right away about your choice to stop taking the medications.  Starting and stopping, and even changing doses, can be very dangerous and even life threatening. 
It is best to work with your medical provider when making any such changes, and if your MD does not support you, then you may want to get a second opinion from another medical provider who believes in your ability to develop the capacity to live with less or no psychiatric medications.  Having said this, I understand it may be hard to find such an MD.  Thus, you will want to begin your search maybe through organizations like or or Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health.  They may have databases of medical providers who might be a better match for you. 
Regarding psychosis progression, "it depends".  Each individual who takes a medication can have a different and unique experience.  Thus, talk to your doctor-therapist and try to let them know what is happening.  Make sure you also try to let others know, friends and family, as they may be able to also help monitor any changes and provide support.  I know this may not be the answer you were looking for, but the first step is to be brave and stand up for yourself and talk honestly and openly about what you want, plan to do, did, and who you want to work with.  
This is not meant to be medical or psychological treatment advice and there is no doctor-patient relationship indicated by the general comment provided. 

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